Meet the Stones.. my fav “Meet The” set

I felt I had to share my love for Meet the Stones since it’s currently on Sephora’s website for only 15.00!  Yeah, 15.00!  I was never a big fan of gray eyeshadow, then I got this one and fell in love with them.  These colors are matte, so if you love matte colors.. these are for you, and even if you don’t, you can easily sparkle them up with a quick wash of Disco or Unforgettable (or your favorite BE sparkly gray).  🙂

Here’s the look I did with these:

  • BE Skincare Routine
  • Brightening Prime Time Face Primer
  • Foundation in Original Golden Fair
  • Original Bisque to conceal
  • Meet the Stones Light (dry) lashline to brow
  • Meet the Stones Medium (dry) in the crease and “v”
  • Meet the Stones Dark (dry) outer lid
  • Slate Big and Bright Eyeliner upper and lower lashline
  • Sequins Buxom Lashliner tightlined lower waterline
  • Flourish Blush
  • Tonya Buxom  (LOVE this!)

I would highly recommend grabbing this one while it’s only 15.00.. such a good deal. 

Here’s a quick link to Sephora:  Meet the Stones.


5 Responses to “Meet the Stones.. my fav “Meet The” set”

  1. Wow, so beautiful. Love the Stones on you, Kesha. And, Tonya is fabulous! Glad I just bought the Rock Stars.

  2. Kesha, it’s easy to see why this “Meet The…” collection is a fave…you look amazing in the colors (as you do everthing else LOL). Put another tally mark on the board…you have enabled me yet again! xoxo

  3. Meet the Stones was one of the first collections I bought. Love it. And of course … you look beautiful!

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