Women of BE Sweepstakes

I encourage every woman who’s been touched by BE to enter the Women of BE Sweepstakes.  Let’s all share our stories.. (in 250 words or less.. I know, it’s not easy, lol.) 

Here’s a link to enter.. and don’t forget to vote for your favorite entries too.  🙂  Women of BE Sweepstakes.

Share your story!


2 Responses to “Women of BE Sweepstakes”

  1. Hi kesha, kiki here….just wanted to give you a heads up that I posted a link to your blog, for the Women of BE contest, in a thread on the Q board. A gal had started a thread head asking if anyone had heard info on it. I had looked around, but outside of your link-couldn’t find it. So I thanked the alaskanangel, courtesy of, kind of thing and put the link to this section of your blog.
    I think this is ok? right? gawd, after the MM thing and then reading your ‘James’ interview I thought I’d just check or at least let you know. Thanks!

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