Samantha’s Smoky Eye Look

Like I said in my review of this kit.. I went a little crazy with this one.  I started out with an idea in my head of how I was going to do the look, and it just kept evolving and evolving until I ended up with something way more extreme than I’m used to.  I’m not 100% sure I can pull off the Kat Von D extreme eye makeup, maybe I just need some star tattoos on my face.. lol.  Next time I’ll try to tone it down a bit.. but this was kind of fun.  Even though it’s not the original vision I had. 

I’m going to walk through how I achieved my look, I apologize if it’s really confusing, I was improvising as I went to try and “fix” the step before, lol.  Pretty sure I have about 6 layers of shadow on my eyes.  😉

Anywho.. here goes:

  • BE Skincare Routine
  • Brightening Prime Time for Face
  • Foundation in Original Golden Fair
  • Bare Skin (dry) all over the lid
  • Vanilla Sugar (dry) all over the lid
  • Brushed Smokin’ Pistol Smoky Eye Stick onto the Buxom Smoky Eye brush and applied to the crease and “v”
  • Used the Smoky Eye Brush and buffed it out a bunch
  • (I thought this was way to harsh for the shadows, so I.. )
  • Buffed Unforgettable (dry) all over the lid and up to the brows
  • This was way to shiny and you could see the Smoky Eye Stick underneath and it looked kind of harsh so I..
  • Patted Minx (dry) all over the lid and buffed and blended the heck out of it
  • Winter White then applied to the brow bone to highlight a little
  • Lined upper and lower lashline heavily with the Smoky Eye Stick in Smokin’ Pistol
  • Tightlined lower lashline with Leatherette Buxom Lashliner (heavily)
  • 1 coat Buxom Mascara in Blackest Black
  • 1 coat Flawless Definition Volumnizing Mascara in Black
  • Clear Radiance for Blush
  • Marrakech Buxom Lipstick
  • Samantha Buxom

I’m guessing this set isn’t met to be THIS hardcore, but it was fun playing dressup.  🙂


10 Responses to “Samantha’s Smoky Eye Look”

  1. It’s gorgeous Kesha! Great Job!!!

  2. I like it!
    Great Job!

  3. Way to rock the smoky eye, Keesh!

  4. Great nighttime look!

  5. Rockin’ Fabulousness!!! woooo hoooo!!!

  6. Thanks for posting this look and the review. I decided I really do need this kit. I can’t wait to try the brush. You rock!

    • Well thanks! 🙂 I really think the Eye Stick idea is cool, and the brush is really universal. I think I may use it with my Buxom shadows for crease work and see how it works.

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