Halloween with BE… Avatar!

Okay.. so a little backdrop on my Halloween’s of past.  🙂  I don’t usually dress up.. at least I haven’t in a long long time once I started having kids.  I was either in the late stages of pregnancy (last year), early stages of pregnancy.. or just too busy to worry about a costume.  Once you have kids, it seems that holidays are more about them than it us us “oldies” anymore anyway, lol.  A couple years ago I went as Sarah Palin, but other than that, I don’t have any memories of dressing up past like the age of 19, lol.  I may have been a cat in my early 20’s.. it’s hard to remember though.

So that brings me to this year.. I was shopping in a neighboring town (1.5 hrs. away) and came across a fantastic Avatar costume.  My first response was, “whoohoo!  I love it!  I’m soooo going to do that this year”.  My second response was, “hmmm.. full spandex body suit with a post-baby body that has me wondering what the heck I was thinking eating mayonnaise w/fries, and sweet tea my whole pregnancy… probably not the best idea”.  Plus, I wrestled with the “appropriateness” of it.. especially knowing I would be spending Halloween around a bunch of kids.  So… I left it hanging on the shelf.  The only problem was, I couldn’t stop thinking about it after I got home.  lol.  After a couple weeks of not being able to forget about my desire to be a Na’vi, I went online to see if I could find the same costume.  Low and behold, I did.. trying to figure out a size got me frustrated almost to the point of throwing up my hands and saying, “forgetaboutit”, but finally I settled on one, and hoped that when it arrived I wasn’t sorely disappointed.  (or horrified).  😉  Fast forward to a couple weeks ago, the costume arrives, it fits.. now on to how to do my makeup.  I searched for a good part of a morning one day trying to find a good Avatar makeup tutorial online.. when I came across this:  Promise Is Simply Amazing.  She is, really she is.. and I can’t say enough about her Tutorials.  I spent all morning watching them mesmerized by her talent.. seriously, mad props to you girl if you read this.  And THANK YOU! 

I knew right away I didn’t want to use grease or cream paint.. the idea after using BE really wigged me out, lol.  So my next thought was.. “I have to have the right blue in my collection of (insert your own number here) shadows”.  See how I did that.. it’s called plausible deniability.  LOL.  But yeah, I spent some time looking through my Lowe’s and debating which colors to use and finlly settled on Visualize.  For the stripes/patterns I used Praise (foiled).  The white dots were Snowflake (foiled).  I originally bought a makeup crayon to use for the dots, but when I pulled it out it fell apart right there in a goopy mess of yuck.  So I turned to my trusty BE and found the perfect color in Snowflake.

Having never done Halloween makeup on myself, this was an all around BLAST.  I couldn’t have done it without Promise’s amazing tutorial, and of course, my faithful BE. 

I used Promise’ tutorial, with BE as a substitute for the cream makeup.. and here’s what I did:

  • Washed my face with the Purifying Cleanser and applied my Skin Revver Upper and Wrinkle Concentrate as usual.
  • I wasn’t sure which Primer to use, so I used about 2 pea sizes of Eye Primer mixed with 1 Pump of Primetime for the Face and mixed up a creamy concoction that I applied generously all over my face. 
  • Next I applied Visualize (dry) all over my face.. up into the hairline, ears, down the neck.  I used the Heavenly Blush brush to buff, buff, buff color on until I was satisfied with the coverage.  I used the Eye Buki brush and went around my nose, chin, ears and any other areas where the color seemes “sparse” and added a little extra color.  I made sure to cover my lips and really made sure I buffed well into the hairline. (which made for removal last night fun times, lol.)
  • Then I applied the patterns to my face with Praise (foiled).  I used the pointy brush end of the Rock ‘n Roll brush to do them as Promise demonstrates in the tutorial.
  • After I had this part done, I moved to the eyes.  For the defining of the eyes, I used Minx (dry) all over the lid and up into the crease.
  • Then I drew on the brows with the Intense Black Big and Bright liner.
  • I lined the upper lashline with Leatherette Buxom Lashliner, and used the Flat Edge Liner Brush so that I could get a good think line.  I used the “cat eye” technique as Promise demonstrated.  I then lined the lower lashliner with Leatherette too.
  • Next came the fake eyelashes from Makeup Forever.  I can’t believe I picked the PERFECT pair out of all the ones I had to choose from.  I have to say, this was my VERY first time using fake lashes too, so I’m really happy I didn’t botch it or wound myself, lol.  The pair I bought are #109 from Makeup Forever and I bought them from Sephora online.
  • Once the lashes were on, I did my cheeks and nose with Hot Shot blush as Promise demonstrates.  I used the Heavenly Blush brush for the cheeks and just focused on the apples of the cheeks.  I put a bit of Hot Shot under my nose with the Tapered Eyeshadow brush.
  • Now for the spots.  I used Snowflake (foiled) and put them on with the pointy end of the Rock ‘n Roll brush.  In retrospect, I think the pointy end of the Precision Eye Brush would have been better for “rounder” dots, but it all worked out in the end.
  • I finished it off by making sure my lips were good and blue and would stay that way by mixing some Visualize with Dominique Buxom and applying to my lips.  This worked perfectly.

For my ears:  I used Promise’s idea from the Tutorial, only I used a Ritz box instead of a cereal box.  I used Crayola Watercolors to paint the ears on white paper, then attached them to the cutout Ritz boxes.  I used the bobby pin technique she showed to attach them in my hair.

My hair was done by a friend of mine.. I went up to her house for a few hours and chatted while she braided and attached beads.  A huge thank you to Stephanie for doing this on her own time when I know how busy she is.  I love you friend!

The costume was ordered online from Costume Express.. if anyone needs the link, I’m sure I can find it for you.  For sizing purposes, I’ll say I ordered a Large.  I’m a shorty though, so I think if someone was a lot taller, they might have problems with sizing on this. 

I’ll close by saying I absolutely LOVE how using BE instead of traditional face paints/makeup brought life and dimension to my Avatar.  It didn’t look fakey.  I also love that I couldn’t even feel the makeup on.. it wasn’t like having face paints that dry and crack and pull and tug on your skin.  And.. my skin isn’t freaking out today from having a bunch of junk on it.  Love it!  HUGE love going out to everyone at BE for making such an exceptional product that allows me to be me everyday, and an Avatar when I’m feeling the need to be Na’vi.  Seriously, I think I would dress like this all the time if I could.  I loved Avatar.

I'm an Avatar!

Behold the power of BE, lol.

Me and the Mr.

Full shot of the entire costume

Ears off, Lashes off, Hair taken out.. and ready to wash off. You can see with the exception of where I rubbed my forehead prior to taking the picture how well the makeup lasted.

Ears off, Lashes off, Hair taken out.. and ready to wash off. You can see with the exception of where I rubbed my forehead prior to taking the picture how well the makeup lasted.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask.. I had a ton of fun with this one.  And I encourage everyone to check out Promise’s Tutorials on YouTube.  Her Katy Perry one is spot on, and I’m loving her Little Wayne and Michael Jackson ones too.


15 Responses to “Halloween with BE… Avatar!”

  1. Absolutely incredible, fantastic, and amazing! I am in awe, my friend!

    • I really have to credit Promise for a great tutorial, and BE for making such a great product. I was worried because I knew I had like one shot at my makeup and I got lucky that everything went as planned, lol.

  2. Jacki (AugustVirgo) Says:

    Just fabulous Kesha! I love Halloween – we can get to be what we’d like to be. I’m curious as to how long it took you to do the makeup job.

    • I was worried it was going to take a LOOOOONG time, I think total time was about an hour. It took me time to figure out the lashes since it was my first time using fake lashes, and the part that took the longest was buffing on the Visualize and getting it dark enough and even. Once I was blue, it seemed to go a lot quicker.. minus the lashes and trying to get the “cat eye” right.

  3. Oh my goodness!! I just loved reading your ‘how to’ and adore your photos! What an incredible recreation you did!! I’m so impressed and awestruck at your talent! *bows before the Mighty BE Princess* Thank you for sharing…this is simply amazing!

    • LOL.. if I’m the Princess, you’re the Queen. You do a fantastic job too.. I just felt “inspired” this year for some reason, and I’m kinda in love with Na’vis. I really loved that movie, and as soon as it over, wanted to be on Pandora. This was my one chance to live the Na’vi dream, lol. The best part was everyone that came up to me to ask about the makeup and compliment it, I was able to extol the virtues of BE. 😉

  4. You are one amazingly talented and gifted young woman! And I am proud to BE your friend! You make a heck of a fabulous Avatar…

  5. Simply amazing!!!!tt

  6. You truly are a beautiful and creative girl!!!!

  7. Love it!

  8. Great job Kesha! I STILL haven’t seen Avatar! lol

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