Rita and Renee Buxoms

If you missed out on these yesterday when they sold out, it looks like you can still get them if you order quick.  These look gorgeous, and the fact that one of them is named after an amazing, super, courageous, and fantastic Woman of BE… well, that should be reason enough to get these.  They are also Q Exclusives, so if you love Buxoms, grab these while you can to add to your collection.  🙂

Here’s a link to order:  Rita and Renee.

Rita and Renee


2 Responses to “Rita and Renee Buxoms”

  1. Jacki (AugustVirgo) Says:

    Like I needed another Buxom, but I had to have these when Leslie said they were exclusives. I think they both look very pretty, but I’m thinking Rita may become a gift for a friend who is lip-color shy.

    • LOL.. I totally hear you. I need another Buxom like I need another eyeshadow. lol. I just couldn’t resist these, especially after getting to know Renee via FB. If it’s named after someone I “know” and love, well.. I gotta have it. Same thing with Tonya and the Rockstars. I need BEhab.

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