QVC: Advanced Skincare Trio

I have to share this one, since I use each of these products daily.  I experienced a NOTICEABLE difference in my skin since starting to use the Wrinkle Concentrate, and the Neck Cream is sensational.  My mom gave me a hard time about only being 32 and using a “Wrinkle and Neck Cream”, but I’m going to stand by my statement to her that prevention is easier than trying to reverse damage.  And I WAS noticing the onset of fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes, around my nose, and yes.. even on my neck.  It’s never too early or late to start with a good skincare regimen.

If you’re wanting to try these without buying full sizes.. I highly recommend this set.  You get the best of the best, at a fair and reasonable price.

You’ll get a “Try Me” size of each of the following:  Purifying Facial Cleanser, Wrinkle Concentrate, and Extra-Firming Neck Cream.

Here’s a link for easy ordering:  Advanced Treatment Collection.  At 29.76 I think it’s a great value.

The Tri Fecta of Skincare


4 Responses to “QVC: Advanced Skincare Trio”

  1. Jacki (AugustVirgo) Says:

    I just got this one Kesha! And I’m “pumped” about trying the Wrinkle Concentrate and Neck Cream. I’m already in love with the cleanser. I agree it’s a great way to try things out – can’t beat the price for three products.

    • Let me know how you like the Wrinkle Concentrate and Neck Cream.. I love hearing everyone’s reviews and experiences with it. I was lucky and got a couple little samples of the WC at the SF MC, once my tube was gone I tried daily in vain to try and squeeze a little more out of it. My hubby was funny, he was like, “just order some more already!”. I think I’m due for another one, the one I eventually bought is feeling a bit “light”. I love the stuff. I use about one pump and use it all over my face after Skin Revver Upper and before moisturizer. Stuff is amazing. Neck Cream is too.

  2. I just bought this too. I love the face cleanser, the wrinkle cream I have to be careful to use as it sometimes makes me break out, so I have been using it as on top of my hands and boy what a difference that makes. Hopefully the neck cream will work well for me too.

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