Sephora: Bright Now

Oh Happy Day!

Yay.. more great newness!  (As if we needed it right?)  lol.  One brightside, it’s not available quite yet.. but should be soon.  🙂  I absolutely LOVE that this has the Brightening Face Primer in it.  This has become my new “go to” Primer.. I use it EVERY day.  I will definitely be grabbing one of these as soon as they go “live”.  I’ll be sure to update this post when it does.

The kit includes:

  • *NEW* Eyecolor in Eye Bright (white nectarine sheen)
  • Prime Time Brightening Foundation Primer
  • *NEW* Blush in Boost (pink cantaloupe)
  • *NEW* 100% Natural Lipgloss in Energy Drink (gilded grapefruit)
  • Flawless Definition Volumizing Mascara in Black
  • Fast & Flawless Blending Brush

This is a limited edition, Sephora exclusive and retails for 39.00.  Here’s a link to order when it becomes available:  Bright Side.


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