Recent Holiday Kit Price Reductions

Both ULTA and Sephora have reduced the prices of their holiday kits.  Shimmer and Shine from Sephora, and Charmed from ULTA are now 45.00, instead of 54.00.  I have yet to splurge and get the Charmed Collection, but the Shimmer and Shine set at 45.00 is darn near highway robbery.  That kit is AMAZING, I recommend scooping it up while you still can.

You can find one of my looks with the Shimmer and Shine here:  Shimmer and Shine: Shine.  The With a Twist gloss in this set is my hands down new favorite gloss.  I foresee needing to get a few “backups”.. I love it THAT much.  🙂

Here’s some quick links to buy:

Charmed (use code: 512213 to receive free shipping on your order of 25.00 or more)

Shimmer and Shine 

Shimmer and Shine


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