Corgigrrl at MM.. you’re my hero!

Oh my goodness.. HUGE thanks to Corgigrrl at MM who scooped that new Buxom Eyeshadows have a placeholder at!  I am so totally head over heals for the “puppies”.. and 4 *new* colors?!  It’s nothing short of a Christmas Miracle.  🙂

You can see the swatches of the new colors at here:  NEW Buxom Eyeshadows.

They include:

  • Cocker Spaniel (opalescent pink)
  • Husky (baby blue – you KNOW I’m going to need this one)  🙂
  • Sheepdog (frosty white)
  • Collie (sparkling champagne)

Again, big thanks to Corgigrrl.. you ROCK!  I can’t wait to get these.


3 Responses to “Corgigrrl at MM.. you’re my hero!”

  1. I wish I rocked! I actually read about it on BEA!

  2. Im loving cocker spaniel!

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