So last week, I was merrily scrolling through my Facebook News Feed when I stumbled across a picture Leslie Blodgett herself had posted.  And there is was.. MY BUXOM!  I’ve known for awhile that a Buxom had been named after me, but I didn’t have any details, so I was just patiently awaiting details on when I could squeal.  Well.. I guess that time has come, lol.

I don’t have any other details other than this picture and that she’s due out this Spring.  I’m soooo excited, I can hardly stand it.  What an amazing company we all stand behind!  ❤  My sincerest thanks (and love) to Leslie, and the BE Team.  Thanks for making this small town Alaskan girl feel so very very special. 

As I find out more info., I’ll be sure to update everyone.  🙂

Kesha Buxom! *faint*


One Response to “Best.News.EVER”

  1. Aaaah! Horray, this is one I need for sure!

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