Buxom: New Pups on the Block

This is one of the latest announcements that seriously had me jumping for joy.  I really do love the Buxom Stay There Shadows, and up until now, I was only missing one.  Poor Chihuahua.. (I need to get on top of that adoption).  Well.. now there are 4 new pups that are in need of adoption!  I think these new colors may appeal to those that were on the fence about trying these, as they tend to lean more neutral, and aren’t so bright.

The 4 new colors are:

  • Cocker Spaniel (opalescent pink)
  • Collie (sparkling champagne)
  • Husky (baby blue)
  • Sheepdog (frosty white)

You can find swatches and my reviews of the other pups here:  The Dog Show.

I don’t think the new Shadows have arrived in Sephora stores just yet, but you can order them online here:  Buxom Stay There Shadows.  They retail for 17.00 each, and well… that’s pretty cheap for a new best friend.  🙂

My 2010 Pick for Favorite New BE Product.


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