Siren of the Sea is Back! currently has the Siren of the Sea available on their website at a stupidly low price.  This kit was a HIT when it debuted Spring/Summer 2009 and is still one of my favorites.  Hurry and get it while you still can, seriously, 29.50 is highway robbery.  I paid 48.00 when I got mine, and it has a retail value of 98.00.  This is one you can’t afford to miss out on.  🙂

Here’s the reviews it got at Sephora when it came out.. Siren of the Sea.

Amazing Deal!


  • High Shine Sand Dune Eyecolor (gilded sand high shine)
  • Mermaid Eyecolor (deep blue-green matte)
  • Hydrating Coral Blush (coral dusk)
  • Hydrating Mineral Veil finishing powder (brightening finish)
  • 100% Natural Lipgloss in Chiffon (nude sand)
  • Double-Ended Hydrate & Brighten Duo Brush
  • Straw Clutch

Hurry, you really don’t want to miss out on this one at this price.  Here’s a handy dandy link:  Siren of the Sea.


11 Responses to “Siren of the Sea is Back!”

  1. thinkbeautifully1 Says:

    ohhhh! You’re dangerous, now I want THIS one too!

    • At that price.. you NEED it. 😀 Seriously.

      • thinkbeautifully1 Says:

        I already have Mermaid, but I’m sure I can swap it. Here we go! So much for my BEhab until the Anniversary shows! heh

      • LOL.. the blush in this one is Hydrating, like the Hydrating MV. It’s awesome. And the HS Sand Dune is worth the price of the kit by itself, throw a cute clutch in.. and well, how you could possibly resist? 😉

  2. thinkbeautifully1 Says:

    Well i can’t. And since I wanted Gold Rush anyway, I get my $50 for free shipping lol

  3. Sad, it is already sold out online. Boo… 😦

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