If You Only Buy One Eyeshadow This Year…

make it Sweet Smile.  This is the most recent BE Cares color and was created in honor of Jessica, a dear customer whose sister, Eneida, has had 24 surgeries in her 35 years, in an attempt to correct a cleft palate.  Jessica is a superstar in my book.. you won’t find a sweeter, more caring, giving person.  This means the world to her.. let’s make sure this color’s a sellout.  It’s well on it’s way as Boutiques are already reporting that they’re sold out.  Please don’t wait to get yours.

To order online, here’s the link:  Sweet Smile.

For more information about BE Cares.

I have this color, and I have to say… it’s stunning.  I’ll post swatches as soon as I can, but I recommend buying this one sight unseen.  Really.  It’s for an amazing cause.  🙂


8 Responses to “If You Only Buy One Eyeshadow This Year…”

  1. Thank you so much for this Kesha!! You are so sweet & kind for writting this. Thank you so much for the kind loving words! I love ya hun

    • You deserve every word and I’m so stoked that BE did this for you guys.. couldn’t have picked a better organization or women to represent the cause. Seriously, love you guys. 🙂

  2. I tried to buy a back-up…sold out!

  3. I totally agree! I was lucky enough to get the LAST ONE from the boutique at the South Dale mall in MN. Although, I am eye color illiterate and I can’t seem to find colors to pair with it where Sweet Smile is shown in it’s full beauty. BTW I LOVE your look with Husky and Chihauhua..I think I’m going to have to get Chihauhau now ( I don’t think i’m spelling Chihauhau right..but whatever)

    • lol.. I had to keep checking when I did the chihuahua post, but I’m not checking now, so I probably just misspelled it too. 😀 I think you need ALL the pups, they rock! I need to pick up some additional Sweet Smiles.. it’s so pretty.

      • I just made a wishlist on Sephora.com and what can you guess was on there? All the pups I don’t own! I showed my fancee this morning and he was like…great..do I HAVE to buy you this. he he. Which puppy is your favorite?

      • Hmmm.. favorite huh? That’s like trying to pick your favorite dessert.. lol. I really like Mutt, and Poodle is good too for a neutral that goes with pretty much everything. I’ve probably worn Mutt the most though. I really do LOVE them all though. 🙂 And if you want, you can get away with using a Full Tapered Shadow Brush and save some $$ on the brush. The Brush is awesome, but in a pinch, you can use the Full Tapered one. 🙂

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