What Turns You On? Collection

Okay, I debated whether or not to do this post since this collection sold out on QVC.  I usually frown on posting kits that are no longer available, only because it seems like cruel and unusual punishment.  I’m hoping by posting this, the demand for Turn On AOFC will go through the roof, and BE will have no other alternative but to release it to open stock.  In a HUGE jar.  I’m addicted to it.. it gives your skin such a gorgeous radiance and angelic glow.  I’ve been using it to highlight my brow bone, my cheeks, a swipe across the forehead and nose.  One day I used it as a shadow.  Please Leslie, if you’re reading this, we NEED this one!  🙂

When I did my look, I did substitute the Strawberry Shortcake 100% Natural Lipgloss with a couple Buxom products.  I already had SS and didn’t want to open it, lol.  Instead I used the new Sydney Buxom Lipstick (I’d just gotten it and couldn’t wait to try it), and I love how it turned out.  

Here’s my look:

  • BE Skincare Routine
  • Primetime Brightening Face Primer
  • Primetime for Eyes
  • Foundation in Original Golden Fair
  • Q. Tiffany Matte (dry) all over the lid
  • Q. Tiffany (dry) in the crease  (this did not come in the set)
  • Lined upper lashline w/Black Coffee Big and Bright Liner (this did not come in the set)
  • Lined lower lashline w/Black Coffee Big and Bright Liner
  • Tightlined lower lashline w/Suede Buxom Lashliner (this did not come in the set)
  • Went over eyes, crease to brow, with Turn On AOFC
  • Buffed a little bit of Q. Tiffany on the outer lower lashline
  • Flawless Definition Mascara in Espresso (this did not come in the set)
  • Naughty, Naughty Blush
  • Turn On AOFC over the blush to highlight cheeks
  • Sydney Buxom Lipstick (this did not come in the set)
  • Samantha Buxom  (this did not come in the set)
  • Original Mineral Veil to finish

This set originally retailed for 26.40 and was only available on QVC during the January 20th shows. 

It included: 

  • Turn On Multitasking Highlighter
  • Queen Tiffany Matte eyecolor
  • Naughty, Naughty blush
  • Strawberry Shortcake 100% Natural Lipgloss

I super duper hope that they release Turn On sometime in the near future.  I’m using it a LOT and it only came in an eyeshadow size jar.. I fear the day I run out.  *shudder*  The overwhelming positive response to this should work to our advantage, lol.  BE without a doubt listens to it’s users.. and are known for giving us addicts what we want, 🙂  I ain’t too proud to beg.  lol.


22 Responses to “What Turns You On? Collection”

  1. I’m SO kicking myself for not getting this in January! I really hope they make Turn On Open stock because you look AMAZING!

    • If I could start an online petition I would.. I love this stuff! I was using it everyday then scaled back cause I was worried that I’d run out. I like this more than Flawless Radiance, and that’s sayin’ a lot. 🙂

  2. Seriously! Now I am on the hunt…BEhab SCHMEhab! lol

  3. or NOT as the case might be! HA!

    I’ll keep looking…

  4. Ohhh thank you! That’d be awesome. Yeah stinkin ebay. I”ll keep checking the swap pages and MM too…

  5. Samantha Says:

    Awesome kit! Love your site!!

  6. Sheryl Gonsalves Says:

    I had ordered this when it came out, but QVC never got it in and they canceled my order.

  7. thinkbeautifully1 Says:

    hahah Kesha you enabler!

    Sheryl, there are some reputable sellers on ebay, some that aren’t. You might also put an In Search of Post on Facebook…there are some MIRACLES out there lol!

    I agre though, i they release it again, i’d but a BUNCH!

  8. ohhh a vanity jar! lol

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