BE Room Update

Looking into the room from our new bedroom.

Thought I’d share some more pictures as we’ve finished the trim, flooring, and some other small details.  In these pictures you can really notice the Ralph Lauren Candlelight finish on the walls.. 🙂  At least I think you can..

Crown Molding

The Closet

Closet for all my "stuff". 🙂 I think you can really see the Candlelight in this shot.

Candlelight Finish on the walls.

The view from my room.


2 Responses to “BE Room Update”

  1. Sandra Sharples Says:

    What a BEautiful room this is going to be and how fortunate you are to have a place all your own. I can’t wait to see the finished room with all of your goodies. How wonderful that your husband is making sure you have your own space.

    • He’s a keeper, that’s for sure. I truly feel blessed to have a hubby that “gets” it. 🙂 For awhile I didn’t think he did, but guys are funny like that.

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