BE Announces Another 12-hr. Sale

On the off chance you’re not going to be watching Leslie and BE celebrate their anniversary this weekend on QVC, (yeah right, lol) here’s another opportunity to buy some BE.. on sale.

May 20th – ONLY.  30% off or more on select products.  Online only.  9am – 9pm PDT. 

Here’s the link for when the sale goes up.. be sure to set up your acct. info. ahead of time at to expedite your ordering.  Items go quick and you won’t want to risk missing out as you’re entering all your info.  🙂

May 20th 12-hr. Sale


4 Responses to “BE Announces Another 12-hr. Sale”

  1. Catherine Says:

    Thanks for the link!!

  2. See, I can do both … my telly is next to my computer 😉

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