ULTA: Bright and Beautiful

More newness!!  This one looks AWESOME!  It comes with another collectible charm too.  🙂 

This is an ULTA Exclusive, retails for 35.00 and includes:

    • Prime Time Brightening Foundation Primer
    • *NEW* Prime Time Brightening Opal Eyelid Primer
    • *NEW* Big & Bright Eyeliner in Stone
    • Vintage Peach Blush
    • *NEW* 100% Natural lipgloss in Fruit Punch
    • Chandelier charm


If you use code: 33681 for the next 3-days you’ll get free shipping, and receive a free deluxe Eye Primer with any 25.00 BE purchase.

Here’s the link to order:  Bright and Beautiful.


2 Responses to “ULTA: Bright and Beautiful”

  1. Finally! I got through. I had time to read and skimmmed (extra m for slow skimmming.) a whole months worth of your blog….. Today I put on my good make up to BE pretty for my Handsome Hubby. If not for you I’d still be wearing Bonnie Bell. Love you!!

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