5 Days of Looks

I took pics of some looks I did last week.. thought it would be fun to share.  I was kind of all over the place it seems (pretty usual for me), and I had a hankering for teal.  🙂  Day 4’s look is in honor of one of my favorite Buxoms that I found out is being discontinued, Lacey.  She’s seriously one of my favorite summer Buxoms, I’m pretty bummed to see her go.  I hear Debbie is a good substitute, but still.. love that Lacey.  I’ve had some skin issues come up lately, so you might notice the mother of all breakouts that decided to pay me a visit.  I’ve brought a shock and awe campaign against it though and I’m pretty sure I’m winning the battle.  By Day 5, it’s not near as noticeable.  But without further ado.. here goes:  (all looks have my BE Skincare Regimen in common, along with PrimeTime for Face and Eyes, and Golden Fair Original Foundation)

Day 1:  Purple Rain

  • Stardust (dry) all over the lid
  • Emotion (dry) in the crease
  • Princess (dry) crease to brow to highlight
  • Leatherette Lashliner on upper lashline
  • Plum Big & Bright Liner lower outer lashline
  • Pearl Buxom Insider Liner inner lower lashline
  • Buxom Mascara in Blackest Black
  • Brushless Mascara
  • Heaven Blush
  • Marina Buxom

For Day 2, I will do another post.. 🙂


2 Responses to “5 Days of Looks”

  1. mrsivan2004 Says:

    Stardust?? What color is this? I don’t have it. Did it come in a kit?? I must get my hands on at least a sample of this color. But I don’t have Princess or Emotion either, so….

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