A Very Happy Birthday AND a Grand Opening!

I’m so excited for this post.. I have been hoping and dreaming that we’d get a Boutique here in Alaska, and June 10th, my dreams came true.  I wasn’t able to attend the Grand Opening as I was in Disneyland with my family but as soon as we got back home on the 12th, we went.  My family and I don’t make it to Anchorage very often as it’s a 5 hr. drive (one-way) from Homer where we live.. we just happened to fly into Anchorage from Disneyland.

My day started at 4am, where we got up and got ready to meet our shuttle from Anaheim to LAX that was arriving at our hotel at 5am.  At this time of morning, I’m pretty useless.  I decided 4am was early enough.. in order to do my makeup and everything I would have needed to get up at 3.  Wasn’t going to happen.  So I got up, didn’t do my makeup *gasp!*, and we caught the shuttle at 5.  Our flight departed LAX around 8, and we had a 5 hr. direct flight to Anchorage.  I tried to get some sleep on the plane but it didn’t really happen.  Too much going on and I had myself, and the girls in our row, so I felt I needed to be awake to tend to them too.  By the time we arrived in Anchorage I was tired, and exhausted and felt like I looked pretty worn out too.  I had hoped to hit the Boutique sporting a great eye look and looking my best, lol.  After landing we went to eat lunch before heading over so that helped me feel a *little* more human.  🙂  Then off we went…

My initial reaction upon setting eyes on the Boutique was that it was BEAUTIFUL.  Nice and big with a great location.  The only way it could have been better was to have been one floor up (where the Sky Bridge comes across, more traffic there).  Darn American Eagle for taking the primo spot.  😉  There were balloons, donuts, great 35th BD signage.. and it was BUSY.  Loved seeing that.  I had my camera out and started taking pictures.. probably looked a tad goofy, but I didn’t care.  After all, I had a Boutique to document.  🙂  Soon into my picture taking I was approached by a beautiful Beauty Associate who I later came to find out is actually the Assistant Manager.  Did I mention she was beautiful?  And friendly, and sweet.. and a customer service dream come true.  I started to tell her a little bit about my days travel adventure and just coming off the plane from Disneyland and she insisted on giving me a makeunder.  She wanted to do something special for me for coming so far.  I have to say, I felt like a million bucks afterwards.  She did an amazing job and the whole time we just chatted and laughed and had a great old time talking about Leslie, Bravon, and how much we both love BE.  She’s actually from WA too, so we had that in common.  She’s awesome.. if you’re reading this Tiff.. please don’t ever leave.  lol.

During my makeunder the funniest thing happened.  Kari, another fellow addict who’s from Anchorage came up and introduced herself to me.  A couple hours earlier she and I had been chatting on Facebook (yes, while I was in flight) and she wondering about when the Boutique opened.  Running into her was great.. especially after our talking just a few hours earlier.  Hi Kari!  🙂

So after my makeunder I did a bit more shopping and then went to check-out.  There a woman introduced herself to me.. “Are you Kesha?!  I met your mom in WA!”.  Come to find out she’s the store Manager.  lol.  Small world.. seriously.  I showed both her and Tiffany my Angel cards and left a few with them.  Even though I was there a few days after opening, they were super sweet and gave me the special GWP’s.  I was able to use my punch cards I’ve had.. all it all, it was the best Boutique visit I’ve ever had.  Felt especially wonderful because it’s the first in Alaska, and that I was experiencing a dream come true of mine. 

Here are some pics of my new favorite BE Boutique.. Store #200!  I just know it’s going to be highly successful with the great staff they have in there.  I am thrilled to be able to recommend this Boutique and send friends and family in there for all their BE needs.


8 Responses to “A Very Happy Birthday AND a Grand Opening!”

  1. BEautiful Boutique and BEautiful You Kesha,
    Thank You for sharing, I was a bit worried because you may be afraid we’d all show up and overtake the newness…………….. Love Marie

  2. wow…first of all great photos! I felt like I was right there with you! And second I guess I can’t complain anymore about being an hour and half drive away from my boutique!

    • 5 hrs. (one way) is just brutal.. lol. I could fly to it, but that’s like 400.00 for a plane ticket.. that could buy a LOT of BE or diapers. 😀

  3. Great boutique! The one in the Beachwood place Mall is so tiny compared to the ones I’ve seen posted here and on Facebook 😦

    • The Bellevue, WA Boutique used to seem really small too, and then they moved to a different location in the mall and got quite a bit bigger. Maybe you’ll luck out and they’ll expand. 🙂

  4. Brandi McGee Says:

    Thank you very much for the wonderful review you have given our Anchorage Bare Escentuals Boutique.

    I will be sharing your review with my staff and DM. You’re right on, Tiffany is a very special friend/ co-worker, who I adore. She recently ran for Miss Alaska and did very well.

    Please let me know if you need anything anytime.

    Your friend,

    Brandi McGee,
    Boutique Manager

    • Brandi! I love you guys! 🙂 I just talked to Tiffany today actually and placed my order for the Face Fashion: Pretty Wild. I can’t wait until I can make it up there again to visit you.. A+ staff you have there. 🙂

      Oh.. and I’m honored that you’re reading my Blog. I’m kind of a hardcore BE addict, lol. 😉

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