Sharing the Love – Friends and Family 2011

Just in case you’ve missed it, here’s the info. for BE’s Friends and Family sale.  Sale ends tomorrow, Sunday June 19th in-store and online.  Don’t miss out.. everyone loves to save some cash.  🙂

My sale recommendations:

  • New, Limited-Edition Foundation Jars (these are so great on so many levels)
  • Love and Happiness set (seriously, LOVE this!)
  • Sunscreen (summer must-have)
  • Any Skincare items you may be running low on.. check your “supply”.
  • The staples.. ie:  Bisque, Mineral Veil.. your favorite Buxom.. lipgloss.

Here’s the link to all the pertinent info.  Be sure to print this out if visiting your local Boutique. 

Friends and Family 2011


2 Responses to “Sharing the Love – Friends and Family 2011”

  1. I HAD to go to the boutique today…I NEEDED a LE Foundation jar. Plus a few new lippies….then was able to score Utopia at Nordstroms so it was a GREAT BE day!!

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