The Perfect Gift #3

I’ve been a bad BE addict.  😦  I’ve had this kit for a week or so now and am JUST now getting around to singing it’s praises.  I still haven’t even done a look with it yet.. *sigh*  I’ll get crackin’ on that tomorrow.  Weekends are easier to “play” in my BE since my hubby is home and I have kid wrangling backup, lol. 

Here’s what I love about this kit though.. this probably won’t be an extensive list of EVERYTHING I love about it.. just a Cliff Notes version.  😉

1)  The Packaging.  Yes, we BE girls not only love are pretty’s.. we love all the extra special attention to detail that BE puts into the wrappings.  I think this hatbox is my favorite of the 3, the bright yellow and orange just scream of joy, and summer, and being warm.  The Leslie signature is again on the bottom.  And overall, a lot is to be said about a product that’s awesome AND has beautiful trimmings.  BE never skimps in that department. 

2)  Another winning color palette that is seasonally relevant.  It reminds me of sunflowers.. or a field of daisies, picnics, and lemonade. 

3)  Bronze Big and Bright Liner.  This has currrently moved to my top spot for favorite brown eyeliner beating out the reigning champion, Espresso.  It’s a warmer toned brown, with some “shimmer” to it.  I ❤ it!  I’d really love to see it released open stock one of these days as being my new favorite brown, well.. I’d hate to run out.

4)  Pretty Amazing lipcolor in Courage.  I had this color prior to receiving my Perfect Gift and used it fairly regularly.  Having it included in this particular set though, it really adds to it.  The perfect finishing touch.  I’ve been hearing and reading form other BE addicts that this color is the most wearable of all the PA’s included in the Perfect Gifts (thus far).  I’ve worn all 3, and while I didn’t have any issues with the other 2, those who did will probably find Courage to their liking.

Here are some pics of the kit.. the first set in this installment is now available from as well as for 40.00.  Perhaps in the future we can hope to see this set as well as #2 released.  I’m already looking ahead to the next and final kit with much excitement.. that box is PURPLE.  🙂  *drool*


One Response to “The Perfect Gift #3”

  1. Kesha, I love it all! Everything you do turns to Gold! I can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with next! It takes a gentle Spirit, and a Kind Heart, to BE able to take an un-biased approach to explain a product as you do, so that everyone reading, and looking at the pictures posted, can imagine what they may expect from their very own position! I don’t think I have it in me to BE so middle of the road. I know that there are certain things that you Love more than others. But you always seem to give such a description, that even someone being read to, possibly unseeing, heaven forbid, would BE able to have a good idea of what you speak about! Thank you for your time, in BEtween BEing a Wife and Mother, to give us such Wonderful sometimes Breathtaking Insight into the World of Color and Love…

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