Carlsbad Outlet One Year Anniversary

Hooray for a years worth of awesome from the Carlsbad Outlet!  Gotta love BE, but you ESPECIALLY have to love discounted BE.  Big props to the gals at the Carlsbad Outlet for a great year of amazing customer service.. <3!

Click here for info. on the festivities:


A big thank you to Angela and Donna too for sharing this invite with me with the purpose of sharing with everyone.  xoxo!

**Here’s a list with inventory as well as phone number for the Carlsbad Outlet.  🙂

Carlsbad Inventory and Info.


2 Responses to “Carlsbad Outlet One Year Anniversary”

  1. Thank you Kesha for posting this on your blog. 🙂 I wish you could be there. (if I was rich… )
    I can’t believe it’s already a year since the store opened. I am very happy for their fantastic sucess at having Outlets across the USA. I hope MORE will open up across the states as well.
    The Outlet will take phone orders if anyone is interested. 🙂 The update list is posted at Mineral Madness under Outlet List (Carlsbad, CA)

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