Flawless and Luminous TSV

‘k, if you’re on the fence about this one.. prepare to be shoved off.  The value of this one is off the charts crazy good.  The Foundation is ginormous (twice the size of the regular Foundation jar), the Primetime Primer is also twice as big, aaaaand, the NEW Advanced Clear Radiance is not only NEW, but it’s 5x’s (yes, 5x’s!!) the size of a regular Clear Radiance.  You’re looking at a 191.00 value for only 49.98.  Like I said.. crazy good.

Heather has a fantastic Blog post up with pictures of the size comparisons and a great right up/review of the product.. be sure to check it out.  Heather’s TSV Review.

The shades beginning in Golden (especially Golden Fair from my experience) sell out very quickly, so if you’re a Golden shade, get crackin’ and order.  Part of the amazing value of this set is the Big Daddy Foundation so you’ll want to be sure to get your shade.  Lisa was saying they were already limited in the “Golden shades”.. just sayin’.  😉

.. and here’s the link to order (I’m giving the AD link, individual purchase is also available:  Flawless and Luminous TSV.  If you order the AD, you’ll receive another shipment December 2011 and April 2012.   You won’t need Foundation for ages.. 😉

Did I mention crazy good value?


2 Responses to “Flawless and Luminous TSV”

  1. Thanks for the shout out for my blog! This TSV is such a good deal, even my BF was impressed LOL

    • Anytime.. you did a great job showing the size differences and your right up was excellent! 🙂 Everyone needs to “get” what a super value this is.. it’s like, unbelievably good and for any ladies hoping to sell their hubbies/BF’s on it.. value is key. lol.

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