Mom’s Know Best

Oh yeah.. had to pass this one on.  Buxom Stay-There Eyeshadows won a 2011 Parent’s Magazine Mom Knows Best Beauty Award.  I’ve been sayin’ these are the bomb diggity.. good to know word is spreading.  😉  Funny thing, I’m actually wearing Mutt today.

2011 Parents Magazine Mom Knows Best.



2 Responses to “Mom’s Know Best”

  1. Lisa O'Neill Says:

    Oh my gosh- I’m wearing Mutt today too! I finally got a DVR to record QVC!
    I saw the set with a primer shadow, SF Velour & B & B Black Coffee & thought I can dup that using Mutt because I have the other 2 products. It turned out really nice!
    I’m always hoping they come out with new colors although Mutt will always be my fav!! My 16 y/o went on a sleepover Sat & I put Beagle on her & she said it was still there the next day! Of course, it’s not like she slept at all!

    • I love it! Aren’t the Buxom shadows awesome?! That’s a REALLY good idea on duping that Primer Shadow kit.. all I really wanted from it was the Champagne Toast and you’re right, I bet we can get the same look with Mutt. I already have all the other pieces from that Primer set.. so I LOVE that idea. This was my first time being able to DVR the shows too.. the hard part now that I’ve watched them is deleting them. Deleting Leslie just seems so wrong.

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