Another 12 hr. Sale

So.. just in case you weren’t able to find anything that got your blood running this last weekend on QVC, BE doesn’t want you to feel left out.. this Friday there will be another 12 hr. sale.

Here’s the link and happy shopping!  🙂

August 19th 12 hr. sale


2 Responses to “Another 12 hr. Sale”

  1. I love these sales!

  2. AK Strohl Says:

    Originally I wasn’t going to buy anything because I just pic ked up a couple of shadows and eyeliner a couple days before. But I decided to peruse the sale and see what was there. After a light once over something compelled me to go back and give the collections a detailled look. Lo and behold !! there, in the middle of the ‘Women of BE’ collection was the Starlet collection that I’ve been pining for!
    I went to the regular site and checked the sizes to be sure I wasn’t gettin a smaller size than the Starlet collection. Yes, the same size! So I ended up buying the ‘Women’ collection for only $5 more than the Starlet collection!! Playtime!!

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