Who is the Alaskan Angel?

I am a 32 yr. old stay at home mom of 3.  I have 2 weiner dogs named Pork and Beans.  I enjoy reading, scrapbooking, and chatting with all the wonderful women I’ve met through our mutual love for BE.  I’ve been blessed to meet Leslie herself several times, and I cannot say enough about what a generous, kind, and amazing woman she is.  What you see on TV, is what you get.  She’s wonderful.  I consider her a personal friend and will continue to share my love for BE with as many women as I can touch.

I was lovingly dubbed the “Alaskan Angel” in an email my hubby sent to Leslie..that’s how I got my name.  Everyone’s just kind of referred to me as that since. 

Here’s a copy of his email to Leslie:  (yeah, he scored infinite brownie points with this one.  Anyone know Kobe Bryant?  I need to make it up to him, lol.)

Dear Leslie,

You may have heard of my wife Kesha Etzwiler (Keshajae from the MM Forums) who is one of your Angels and I believe the only one in Alaska. She is an absolute BE freak/sparkle crack fiend in every sense of the the words. Not only have your products changed her outward appearance but they have given her the inner confidence and even a new drive in life (which I, not my pocketbook, thank you greatly for). You are certainly an inspiration to women everywhere.

The purpose of this letter is a small request of your valuable time.

My wife recently graduated from Alaska Bible Institute and was awarded Student of the Year by the faculty and staff. Being a mother of two (both girls who love the “pretties” their mom covets) and living off campus and having to deal with me (no small task mind you) made this award just that more special to her and me that much more proud of her accomplishment.

One of her life goals is to meet her idol who just so happens to be YOU. When we had first caught wind of an Anchorage PA she could hardly contain herself. Alas that trip was changed to the Washington location (understandably so in today’s economy) and she was just crushed. The upside to this is her mother lives about 20 minutes from that location in Washington. Here is where I (and consequently, you) come in.

Not only did she just graduate, we recently found out we’re expecting our 3rd child. As her loving husband, I would like to do something for her to just rock her world and show her just how much she means to me. My plan is to send her down for the event and mother’s day with her mom who she hasn’t seen in over a year. The small request of your valuable time comes in to play here. Seeing and meeting you at the event would normally be enough for anyone, but this is my wife we’re talking about. If there would be ANY way possible to spend some personal time (ie lunch, hang out, get to know you) with you it would be absolutely amazing and a highlight of her life. I realize the time constraints you’ll be under on the road but if you could find it in your heart (and schedule) to fulfill a dream for this wonderful woman I am lucky to call my wife you would see the true joy that you and your products bring.

I appreciate your time and everything you have done for my wife.


Mike Etzwiler

P.S. – As this is a surprise for her, I am sending this from my work email. If you were to respond, please reply to this address or feel free to call me (which would be totally amazing) at 907-***-****. Thanks again.

Please don’t hesitate to email me or ask any questions you may have.  I truly stand by this company.  ❤

You can also find a fabulous community of BE lovers at www.mineralmadness.com.  I highly recommend signing up for the forum and joining the conversation.  You can use my username there: keshajae as a reference.  Just be sure to let me know when you sign up so I can add you as a friend.  😉  I’m also VERY active on Facebook..  feel free to add me there also.


8 Responses to “Who is the Alaskan Angel?”

  1. Dear Keasha,
    What a wonderful site you have. I only just found it today and quite by accident. I had not known to even look for this blog you have. You are a wealth of information too. There always seems to BE something to learn….I think the cosmic whoopie had me find you, as you are still on my mind.
    I now can imagine how very busy you are, but in all sincerity I need to follow-up on the PM I’d sent you last weekend on MM’s site. It was an apoplogy to you for a huge mistake I had made regarding the ReThink kit and it’s upcoming deliveries. Did you ever receive it? Are you upset with me? I am new to the sites, not new to BE and I’d be very sad if there wasn’t a way to resolve my error. I am now, with this message, at a loss on what else I can do.
    I wish you well in everything you do. You seem to have a loving and generous spirit.
    Kirsten Sessinger…BEwell, kiki

    • Oh Kirsten, I did receive your PM, and I haven’t had the time to properly respond. I’d hate to just whip something out, to do it, know what I mean? lol.. I’m not upset with you, so no worries. I’ll elaborate more in a PM to you though.. and thanks for accidently stumbling onto my Blog. lol. We’re all good, no worries, seriously. ❤

  2. Oh keashajae….THANKYOU SO MUCH! now I can breathe…….I will stop back and visit your wonderful blog. I just joined facebook and can’t visit often. I’d noticed you said it was okay to friend you so the next time I stop in I now think it is okay to do so. oh, and LIKE.giggle. yes I will LIKE you.
    BEwell, kiki

  3. All for the LOVE of BE!!!
    Have a good rest of the weekend. I know I will now……….

  4. Good to find others who are as crazy about the products as I am…lovely site you have. Keep up the good work!

  5. Tiffany Hancock Says:

    Kesha! I wanted to blog you after I helped you out in our anchorage store yesterday! I am so excited how much you love BE. You were such a blast to work with and I really appreciate your time. Take care and God Bless.
    -Tiffany from the Anchorage Boutique

    P.S. I totally spaced on giving you a stamped BE preferred customer card…I can mail it to you if you like!

    • I had the best time Tiffany, you’re my “got to” girl now. 🙂 I’ve been sooo-o excited for that Boutique to open and you guys totally delivered. Bellevue.. where’s Bellevue? 😉 I hope I can get up that way again soon.. kind of sucks being 5 hrs. away. 😦

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