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If You Only Buy One Eyeshadow This Year…

Posted in BE Cares, Eyes, Newness! on March 31, 2011 by keshajae

make it Sweet Smile.  This is the most recent BE Cares color and was created in honor of Jessica, a dear customer whose sister, Eneida, has had 24 surgeries in her 35 years, in an attempt to correct a cleft palate.  Jessica is a superstar in my book.. you won’t find a sweeter, more caring, giving person.  This means the world to her.. let’s make sure this color’s a sellout.  It’s well on it’s way as Boutiques are already reporting that they’re sold out.  Please don’t wait to get yours.

To order online, here’s the link:  Sweet Smile.

For more information about BE Cares.

I have this color, and I have to say… it’s stunning.  I’ll post swatches as soon as I can, but I recommend buying this one sight unseen.  Really.  It’s for an amazing cause.  🙂


My Very Own Buxom! <3

Posted in BE Cares, Buxom, Lips, Newness!, Sephora on March 30, 2011 by keshajae

I’m so excited!  I can finally squeal.  😀  I’ve had a lot of inquiries as to how I had a Buxom named after me.. so here goes.  About a year ago, I attended the SF Master Class and Girls Getaway.  It was the most amazing, wonderful, dream come true.  I met Leslie for a second time, and met a bunch of beautiful ladies I’m lucky to now call friends.  🙂 

A month or so after the event, Leslie herself called me to tell me she was naming a Buxom after me.  I think her exact words were “you’re so cute”.  I, understandably, freaked out and decided to keep it under wraps until it finally came out.  I had no other details other than that there was going to be a Buxom, and that she was naming it after me.  Now that she’s made an appearance, I can finally share all my excitement with everyone.  🙂

Leslie posted a picture of it on her FB page here:  Kesha Buxom.

Currently the kit that “I’ll” be appearing in with a bunch of other great colors is up as a spaceholder at  I imagine soon it will go “live”.  I can hardly wait, it’s killin’ me.  🙂

The more I’ve thought about it, the more I realized what makes BE such a great company.. besides the groundbreaking products, great customer service, and beautiful spirited people that work there… it’s that they’re unique in how they treat us “fans”.  We’re not just demographics and numbers.. we’re part of the company.  BE doesn’t name it’s products after celebrities.. they name them after everyday women.  They don’t just donate to random charities.. they ask US what’s important to us and even choose organizations deeply personal to us.  The current BE Cares color, Sweet Smile, was chosen to give money to Smile Train on behalf of a fabulous woman named Jessica, who’s sister was born with a cleft palate.  Not only is the color gorgeous, but the proceeds from the sales of this color couldn’t go to a better organization.  Thank you BE for being the company that you are, a company that truly cares about us!

You can buy Sweet Smile online at or at your local boutique, however, they’re selling out everywhere, so please.. get it while you can!  Here’s a quick link:  Sweet Smile.

Here’s the link to the Kesha Buxom.. for when it goes “live”.  Fashion Show and Tell.

Kit retails for 29.00, is exclusive to Sephora and includes Mini Big & Healthy Lip Polishes in:

  • Sugar (rose glow)
  • Katie (princess pink)
  • *NEW* Mia (fuchsia shimmer)
  • *NEW* Alison (vibrant pink shimmer)
  • *NEW* Sasha (champagne shimmer)
  • *NEW* Linda (sheer plum wine)
  • *NEW* Kesha (sheer pink rose)

I'm the pink one on the right. 🙂

Light the Night

Posted in BE Cares on October 11, 2010 by keshajae

Join Team BE and walk for Light the Night in your local city, or click on the link to donate on behalf of the team. ♥

Here is the link to donate or for more info. on walking for Team BE:  Light the Night Walk for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Those in San Francisco are invited to walk with the BE Corporate team on October 21st.

BE Cares – Enlightened

Posted in BE Cares, Eyes on October 3, 2010 by keshajae

The new limited edition BE Cares color, Enlightened, is now available!  It’s described as a Gold Sunset, and while I haven’t got my hands on one (okay 3) yet, I’ve heard it gorgeous.

You can find out more about the BE Cares program here:  BE Cares.

Every purchase of Enlightened Eyecolor helps support Bare Escentuals’ donation to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS).

So grab a couple of these.. and support a good cause.  🙂  Here’s a link to purchase:  Enlightened.

BE Cares – Unforgettable

Posted in BE Cares, Eyes on September 27, 2010 by keshajae

For more information on the BE Cares program, visit their website:  BE Cares.

The current color, Unforgettable, is a limited-edition color created exclusively for the Lung Cancer Alliance.  Every purchase of Unforgettable Eyecolor helps support Bare Escentuals’ donation to the Lung Cancer Alliance through the BE Cares philanthropy program.

I order 3 each of every BE Cares color, one for me, one for “backup”, and one to gift to someone down the road that may have missed out.  If you visit the link above, there’s info. on all the previous colors. 

If you want this one, they’re expected to disappear very soon with the appearance of the NEW Enlightened shade.  Find out more about Enlightened here, including a picture:  Enlightened. 

Here are some pictures and swatches if helping out a great cause isn’t enough of a reason to get this one.  🙂  When you’re ready to order..  head here.  Unforgettable BE Cares color.