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Mom’s Know Best

Posted in Buxom, Eyes on August 15, 2011 by keshajae

Oh yeah.. had to pass this one on.  Buxom Stay-There Eyeshadows won a 2011 Parent’s Magazine Mom Knows Best Beauty Award.  I’ve been sayin’ these are the bomb diggity.. good to know word is spreading.  😉  Funny thing, I’m actually wearing Mutt today.

2011 Parents Magazine Mom Knows Best.



New Markdown

Posted in Buxom, Sephora on August 9, 2011 by keshajae

The Buxom Fashion Show and Tell set (with Kesha Buxom!!) is now only 15.00.  15.00!! 

L to R: Sugar, Katie, Mia, Alison, Sasha, Linda, and Kesha

Breaking News! Buxom Lip Tarnishes..

Posted in Buxom, Newness!, Sephora on August 6, 2011 by keshajae

are now available to order from!! 

Colors available include:

  • Blackmail
  • Busted
  • Caught on Tape
  • Wardrobe Malfunction

These are exclusive to Sephora, retail for 18.00, and can be purchased here:  Buxom Lip Tarnish.

Don’t forget, double points for VIB’s at Sephora now also.  😉 

Lip Tarnishes!!

Oh Happy Day!

Posted in Buxom, Kits, Newness!, Sephora on July 20, 2011 by keshajae

This is how I felt this morning, waking up to all the newness posted on  So many GREAT goodies that we’ve been anxiously waiting for.  Here’s a rundown.. items that are “not in stock” just haven’t gone “live” yet, give it a week or so and they should be good to go. 

BareMinerals Insider: Color Shift

This set includes:

Color Shift™ Eyecolor in Gold (shifts to Blue)
Blush in Boost (pink cantaloupe)
Flawless Definition Volumizing Mascara in Black
Natural Lipgloss in Starfruit (golden pink nectar)
Big & Bright Eyeliner in Black Sea (deep teal)
Color Shift™ Double-Ended Brush
A Sephora Exclusive, retails for 40.00, and can be purchased here:  BareMinerals Insider: Color Shift.
BareMinerals Insider: Pretty Amazing
This set includes:
All-Over Face Color in Bright Radiance (fresh petal-pink glow)
Eyecolor in Satin Ruffle (nude satin)
Flawless Definition™ Volumizing Mascara in Black
Pretty Amazing™ Lipcolor in Pizzazz (crushed raspberry)
Big & Bright™ Eyeliner in Black Diamond (black sheen)
Another Sephora Exclusive, retails for 32.00, and can be purchased here:  BareMinerals Insider: Pretty Amazing. 

The Bright Way
This set includes:
Mini Flawless Definition Volumizing Mascara in Black
Mini Prime Time Brightening Pearl Eyelid Primer
This set is available now at, retails for 16.00, and can be purchased here:  The Bright Way.
And last but not definitely not least.. (I am SO excited about these!!).. Buxom Lip Tarnishes!!  These should be available to order very soon.  I like that they’re giving us some advance time to save some $$.  😉

Lip Tarnishes!!

These will come in 4 colors:



Caught on Tape

Wardrobe Malfunction

 Sephora exclusives, retail for 18.00, and will be available to purchase here:  Buxom Lip Tarnishes.

Also, now has available as a 500 pt. perk for VIB’s, the BE Strut Your Stuff Peacock Collection.  I knew I was saving my points for something fantastic.  🙂  Here’s a picture of the set and what it includes:

Sephora VIB 500 Point Perk


Mini All-Over Face Color in Clear Radiance
Mini Eye Shadow in Peacock Glimpse
Flawless Definition Mascara in Black
Expandable Makeup Bag

Happy Shopping ladies!  And don’t forget, is having a 12 hr. sale this Friday too. 

Yup.. (still) a nerd.

Posted in Buxom, Looks, Randomness on July 3, 2011 by keshajae

So my Optimus Prime look got me thinking I also needed to represent for the Decepticons, so here’s my Megatron look.  My dedication to this look included going out to lunch with a friend I haven’t seen in MONTHS sporting this “dark” look.  I thought about quickly changing, but then decided instead to own it.  lol.  Funny story, she showed up in her Star Wars vintage T so we were both cool kids.  I didn’t get any odd looks, so I think it just seemed darker than I’m used to.  It IS Megatron though, not exactly a light and airy fellow.  😉 

Anywho.. here’s my look: 

  • BE Skincare Regimen
  • Original Foundation in Golden Fair
  • PrimeTime for Eyes and Face in the original formulations
  • Chihuahua Buxom Stay-There Shadow all over the lid
  • 1980’s (still the BEST decade EVER for Saturday morning cartoons) (dry) on the outer edge of lid
  • Catwoman (dry) in the crease and “v”
  • Fog (dry) crease to brow
  • Lined upper and lower lashline with Sequins Buxom Lashliner
  • Buffed a small amount of Catwoman on outer lower lashline
  • 1 coat of Flawless Definition Mascara
  • 1 coat of Flawless Definition Volumnizing Mascara
  • Crushed Velvet Blush
  • Fresno Buxom Lipstick
  • Original MV to finish

To purchase Chihuahua Stay-There Shadow (and be sure to check out the other pups while you’re at it) you can visit Sephora or as they are exclusive to Sephora.  This is also true with the Sequins Lashliner and Fresno Buxom Lipstick.

My Ariel’s Undersea Adventure Look

Posted in Buxom, Looks, Sephora on June 25, 2011 by keshajae

Oh man.. so much to say about this one.  🙂  Some of you that follow this Blog and the FB page for it, know that recently my family and I took a weeks vacation to Disneyland.  Deciding what makeup to bring whenever I travel has become what I dread the most.. I always seem to overpack, and yet still, everytime I forget something I “need”.  This time I packed about 8 of my Buxom Stay-There Shadows, hemmed and hawwed over bringing Husky and Schnauzer.. decided to leave them home, and what did I try to reach for as soon as I was there?  Sure enough, like the ONLY two I left home.  Figures right?  😉  Anywho.. I digress.

This look came about by sheer accident and a little bit of laziness.  See, when you’re at Disneyland the idea every morning is to try and get into the park as early as possible to avoid looooooong wait times.  Being as we were guests at the Grand Californian, we were allowed access into the parks a full hour before they opened, so of course we wanted to take advantage of that.  🙂  This meant getting up quite early in order to get breakfast in before starting our day.  I say all this because on this particular morning, my desire for sleep took priority over my desire to do a full face of intricate makeup.  🙂  I hadn’t washed my face the night before (love you BE for being able to get away with this) and still had most of my Shih-Tzu Buxom shadow still in place.  I was like.. “hmmmm.. what kind of look can I do without having to remove any of this?”  Bad, I know.. but it worked.  lol.  Our plan for this morning was to hit Ariel’s Undersea Adventure FIRST THING since we knew we could walk over and pretty much walk onto the ride since the park wasn’t open yet to the public.  (Normal wait times for this attraction were NUTS since it had JUST opened).  I doctored my previous days makeup and came up with this look that I’ve recreated here. 

Oh.. and if you get a chance to go to Disneyland anytime soon, you MUST check out this attraction.  The Little Mermaid remains one of my all-time favorite Disney movies (I saw it in the theatre when it came out 6x’s).. and this ride is just fantastic for any fans of the film.  Here’s a great YouTube video from Disney on what all went into this ride. 

Ariel’s Undersea Adventure

Another super cool preview

I’ll also include some of the pictures I took.  🙂

Here’s the look:

  • Foundation in Original Golden Fair
  • Light layer of Shih-Tzu Buxom Stay-There Shadow as a base
  • St. Bernard Buxom Stay-There Shadow all over the lid and up into the crease
  • Sheepdog Buxom Stay-There Shadow on the inner half of lid and blended into St. Bernard
  • Sapphire Buxom Insider Liner on upper lashline
  • Blue Jade Buxom Insider Liner on lower lashline
  • 1 coat Flawless Definition Mascara in Black
  • 1 coat Buxom Mascara in Black
  • Papaya Blush
  • Lacey Buxom (hard to find nowadays as it’s been discontinued.  If you don’t have this, you can find it on under the Last Chance items… this is a summer must-have for me.. I still haven’t gotten used to the idea that it’s been discontinued)  😦
  • Finished with Gold Mineral Veil

5 Days of Looks: Day 5

Posted in Buxom, Looks on June 2, 2011 by keshajae

Memorial Day.  We spent the day as a family going to a horse show, the park, and reminding the girls why their dad was able to have an extra day off.  It was a beautifully sunny day here in Homer, and I was feeling a little spunky and thought it would be fun to “dress up”.  Every now and then a girl needs to play dress up, and I did.  Keep in mind, this is not “normal” daily attire for me, and I only did this in the spirit of dressing up.  I’m of the mindset “modest is hottest”, so this is a bit out of my comfort zone.. but like I said, every now and then a girl needs to play dress up and feel a little sassy.  🙂 

Day 5:  Memorial Day

  • BE Skincare Routine
  • PrimeTime for Face and Eyes (original formula’s)
  • Foundation in Original Golden Fair
  • Silk Stockings (dry) all over the lid
  • Turn On Multi-tasker (dry) crease to brow to highlight
  • Heavily drylined the upper lashline with Stilettos
  • Went back over the upper lashline and Stilettos w/Leatherette Buxom Lashliner
  • Tightlined lower lashline w/Leatherette Buxom Lashliner
  • Buffed a teenie amount of Stiletto’s on lower outer lashline
  • Flawless Definition Mascara – 1 coat
  • Buxom Mascara – 1 coat
  • Tulip Blush
  • Clear Radiance lightly applied over Tulip to highlight cheeks
  • Barcelona Buxom Lipstick
  • Charity Buxom