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Flawless and Luminous TSV

Posted in Kits, QVC on August 12, 2011 by keshajae

‘k, if you’re on the fence about this one.. prepare to be shoved off.  The value of this one is off the charts crazy good.  The Foundation is ginormous (twice the size of the regular Foundation jar), the Primetime Primer is also twice as big, aaaaand, the NEW Advanced Clear Radiance is not only NEW, but it’s 5x’s (yes, 5x’s!!) the size of a regular Clear Radiance.  You’re looking at a 191.00 value for only 49.98.  Like I said.. crazy good.

Heather has a fantastic Blog post up with pictures of the size comparisons and a great right up/review of the product.. be sure to check it out.  Heather’s TSV Review.

The shades beginning in Golden (especially Golden Fair from my experience) sell out very quickly, so if you’re a Golden shade, get crackin’ and order.  Part of the amazing value of this set is the Big Daddy Foundation so you’ll want to be sure to get your shade.  Lisa was saying they were already limited in the “Golden shades”.. just sayin’.  😉

.. and here’s the link to order (I’m giving the AD link, individual purchase is also available:  Flawless and Luminous TSV.  If you order the AD, you’ll receive another shipment December 2011 and April 2012.   You won’t need Foundation for ages.. 😉

Did I mention crazy good value?


Oh Happy Day!

Posted in Buxom, Kits, Newness!, Sephora on July 20, 2011 by keshajae

This is how I felt this morning, waking up to all the newness posted on  So many GREAT goodies that we’ve been anxiously waiting for.  Here’s a rundown.. items that are “not in stock” just haven’t gone “live” yet, give it a week or so and they should be good to go. 

BareMinerals Insider: Color Shift

This set includes:

Color Shift™ Eyecolor in Gold (shifts to Blue)
Blush in Boost (pink cantaloupe)
Flawless Definition Volumizing Mascara in Black
Natural Lipgloss in Starfruit (golden pink nectar)
Big & Bright Eyeliner in Black Sea (deep teal)
Color Shift™ Double-Ended Brush
A Sephora Exclusive, retails for 40.00, and can be purchased here:  BareMinerals Insider: Color Shift.
BareMinerals Insider: Pretty Amazing
This set includes:
All-Over Face Color in Bright Radiance (fresh petal-pink glow)
Eyecolor in Satin Ruffle (nude satin)
Flawless Definition™ Volumizing Mascara in Black
Pretty Amazing™ Lipcolor in Pizzazz (crushed raspberry)
Big & Bright™ Eyeliner in Black Diamond (black sheen)
Another Sephora Exclusive, retails for 32.00, and can be purchased here:  BareMinerals Insider: Pretty Amazing. 

The Bright Way
This set includes:
Mini Flawless Definition Volumizing Mascara in Black
Mini Prime Time Brightening Pearl Eyelid Primer
This set is available now at, retails for 16.00, and can be purchased here:  The Bright Way.
And last but not definitely not least.. (I am SO excited about these!!).. Buxom Lip Tarnishes!!  These should be available to order very soon.  I like that they’re giving us some advance time to save some $$.  😉

Lip Tarnishes!!

These will come in 4 colors:



Caught on Tape

Wardrobe Malfunction

 Sephora exclusives, retail for 18.00, and will be available to purchase here:  Buxom Lip Tarnishes.

Also, now has available as a 500 pt. perk for VIB’s, the BE Strut Your Stuff Peacock Collection.  I knew I was saving my points for something fantastic.  🙂  Here’s a picture of the set and what it includes:

Sephora VIB 500 Point Perk


Mini All-Over Face Color in Clear Radiance
Mini Eye Shadow in Peacock Glimpse
Flawless Definition Mascara in Black
Expandable Makeup Bag

Happy Shopping ladies!  And don’t forget, is having a 12 hr. sale this Friday too. 

Face Fashion: Pretty Wild

Posted in Boutiques, Kits, Looks, Macy's, Newness!, Nordstroms, Sephora on July 19, 2011 by keshajae

I have so much to say about this one, I can hardly stand it.  Yes, I have a lot of Bare Escentuals kits, and yes, I love them all, but this one.. well, every so often BE puts out a kit that resonates so well with you, you’re sure they created it with you in mind.  For me, this is one of those.  I’ve seen mixed reviews on this one, but man, I really really love it.  If you have coloring similiar to mine, this is a must-have. 

How I love thee.. let me count the ways..

1) Eyecolors.  Violetta and Greenhouse.  With my eyes (blue or green, depending on the day), the combo of the purple with the green just made them pop.  Violetta is described as a muted lavender, but it almost seems a bit periwinkle to me.  Greenhouse is described as an earthy green, and that’s a great description.  Both colors lean towards being matte, which aren’t my usual first picks, but these are gorgeous.  These colors make me love matte. 

2)  The blush.  Oh man, I love this one.  It reminds me a bit of Fruit Cocktail.  Bright, lively.  The perfect pop of pink color.  Think of wild summer roses. 

3)  The mascara.  Who’d of thunk a Blue Black Mascara would be the perfect highlight to the kit?  I never cease to be amazed at how BE pulls kits together the way they do.  This is a brand new color in this formulation, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it full size.  It’s a pop of color that isn’t obvious, just enough for someone to look at you and think.. “wow, what an awesome look”.  The secret’s in the mascara I’m telling you.

4)  The Lipcolor.  Vivacious is described as a wild rose, which compliments the blush perfectly.  Again, think wild summer roses.  The helps tie together the earthy floral feel to this whole set.  I love the copy in the box that says, “this garden is no place for a wallflower”.

5)  The Delivery.  Otherwise known as packaging.  At first I was a bit disheartened when I saw that this box is designed differently from the previous Face Fashion sets.  The OCD in me wanted all my boxes to sit perfectly and uniformly on my shelf.. this one being bigger was going to throw everything off.  I have to say, while it is bigger, and doesn’t exactly match, I love the look and graphic design of it.  The interior insert is beautiful, and while it is bigger, it’s not “too” big.  I’ve included a picture of my kits on my shelf so that you can see the difference.  I just wish the “spine” was the same.. again, my OCD coming out.  😉  After falling in love with this set as much as I have though, I could never let the size difference of the box deter me from getting this one.  Seriously.  Love this. 

Here are some pics of this kit, as well as some of my wild roses.  While I love all my BE, it’s not often that I have such an emotional response to a certain kit.  This one did it for me.. (the Happiness Kit and Pure Moxie did too).  Near and dear this one is.  🙂

This kit retails for 34.00 and can be purchased in the BE Boutiques,, Sephora, Macys, and Nordstroms.  What are you waiting for?  This kit is readily available for the purchasing.. 😀



The Perfect Gift #3

Posted in Kits, QVC on July 8, 2011 by keshajae

I’ve been a bad BE addict.  😦  I’ve had this kit for a week or so now and am JUST now getting around to singing it’s praises.  I still haven’t even done a look with it yet.. *sigh*  I’ll get crackin’ on that tomorrow.  Weekends are easier to “play” in my BE since my hubby is home and I have kid wrangling backup, lol. 

Here’s what I love about this kit though.. this probably won’t be an extensive list of EVERYTHING I love about it.. just a Cliff Notes version.  😉

1)  The Packaging.  Yes, we BE girls not only love are pretty’s.. we love all the extra special attention to detail that BE puts into the wrappings.  I think this hatbox is my favorite of the 3, the bright yellow and orange just scream of joy, and summer, and being warm.  The Leslie signature is again on the bottom.  And overall, a lot is to be said about a product that’s awesome AND has beautiful trimmings.  BE never skimps in that department. 

2)  Another winning color palette that is seasonally relevant.  It reminds me of sunflowers.. or a field of daisies, picnics, and lemonade. 

3)  Bronze Big and Bright Liner.  This has currrently moved to my top spot for favorite brown eyeliner beating out the reigning champion, Espresso.  It’s a warmer toned brown, with some “shimmer” to it.  I ❤ it!  I’d really love to see it released open stock one of these days as being my new favorite brown, well.. I’d hate to run out.

4)  Pretty Amazing lipcolor in Courage.  I had this color prior to receiving my Perfect Gift and used it fairly regularly.  Having it included in this particular set though, it really adds to it.  The perfect finishing touch.  I’ve been hearing and reading form other BE addicts that this color is the most wearable of all the PA’s included in the Perfect Gifts (thus far).  I’ve worn all 3, and while I didn’t have any issues with the other 2, those who did will probably find Courage to their liking.

Here are some pics of the kit.. the first set in this installment is now available from as well as for 40.00.  Perhaps in the future we can hope to see this set as well as #2 released.  I’m already looking ahead to the next and final kit with much excitement.. that box is PURPLE.  🙂  *drool*

Flirty & Fabulous

Posted in Kits, Looks, Macy's, Newness!, Nordstroms on July 2, 2011 by keshajae

I should begin by saying I’ve had this for awhile now and am JUST now getting around to Blogging about it, which is criminal.  This kit needs to get some spotlight.  Flirty and Fabulous is one out of four recent BE kit releases, Smart & Savvy, Bright & Beautiful, and Love & Happiness being the others.  Gotta say even though I only have 2 of the sets (thus rendering my review a tad biased) this one is a favorite. 

In the past I’ve struggled with the HS color’s application system, so I’ve steered away from kits/sets that include them, however, I’ve found a way that works for me, so now I’m hooked.  The HS colors are just too alluring to NOT find a way to  make them work.  😉  Those HS girls will LOVE HS Mist.. it’s not silver, it’s like this crazy silver, icy green color.  It doesn’t really “appear” green, but it definitely reads with an icy green cast.  Very strange how BE does that.

One major aspect of this kit that lends to it’s greatness is it’s versatility.  Since it doesn’t include a blush and lip color this enables you to go with whatever color you’re feeling that day.  For example, say you’re wanting a “coral” look.. pair this kit with Papaya Blush and Debbie Buxom.  Feeling more “pink”.. Fruit Cocktail blush and Kanani/Tonya/Katie Buxom.   More “neutral”..  Golden Gate blush and Sarina Buxom.  I was feeling “purple”, so I went with Exhilarate Blush and Marina Buxom.  🙂  But whatever you decide, these colors are very chameleon and seem to work with all color schemes.

Oh, and did I mention this kit has a charm?!  Loving the charms..

Here’s my look with this kit though.. hope you all love this kit as much as I do:

  • BE Skincare Regimen
  • Original Foundation in Golden Fair
  • Primetime for Eyes and Face in the Original formulations
  • HS Mist (dry) all over the lid
  • Wink (dry) in the crease and “v”
  • Opal (dry) crease to brow to highlight (not included in kit)
  • Lined upper and lower lashline w/Black Diamond Big and Bright Liner
  • Lightly buffed a bit of Wink (dry) on outer lower lashline
  • 1 coat Flawless Definition Mascara (not included in kit)
  • 1 coat Flawless Definition Volumnizing Mascara
  • Exhilarate Blush (not included in kit)
  • Marina Buxom (not included in kit)
  • Original MV to finish

This kit is currently still available online at Macy’ and  You may also find them in store at your local Macy’s and Nordstroms. 

Kit retails for 35.00 and includes:  

  • Primetime Eyelid Primer
  • *NEW* High Shine Mist Eyecolor
  • *NEW* Wink Eyecolor
  • Black Diamond Big & Bright Eyeliner
  • Flawless Definition Volumnizing Mascara
  • Keepsake Charm (Foundation Jar)

ULTA: Bright and Beautiful

Posted in Kits, Newness!, ULTA on May 26, 2011 by keshajae

More newness!!  This one looks AWESOME!  It comes with another collectible charm too.  🙂 

This is an ULTA Exclusive, retails for 35.00 and includes:

    • Prime Time Brightening Foundation Primer
    • *NEW* Prime Time Brightening Opal Eyelid Primer
    • *NEW* Big & Bright Eyeliner in Stone
    • Vintage Peach Blush
    • *NEW* 100% Natural lipgloss in Fruit Punch
    • Chandelier charm


If you use code: 33681 for the next 3-days you’ll get free shipping, and receive a free deluxe Eye Primer with any 25.00 BE purchase.

Here’s the link to order:  Bright and Beautiful.

Sephora: Bright Now is Back!

Posted in Kits, Newness!, Sephora on May 18, 2011 by keshajae

This is another of those that wasn’t around for very long, and highly loved.  You must be a Sephora Beauty Insider to order, but most of us meet and exceed that qualification every year.. lol.  Here’s a link to order, you may need to sign-in at Sephora to access.  Bright Now.

Kit is a Sephora Limited Edition Beauty Insider Exclusive, retails for 39.00, and includes:

  • Eyecolor in Eye Bright (white nectarine sheen)
  • Prime Time Brightening Foundation Primer
  • Blush in Boost (pink cantaloupe)
  • 100% Natural Lipgloss in Energy Drink (gilded grapefruit)
  • Flawless Definition Volumizing Mascara in Black
  • Fast & Flawless Blending Brush

    It's baaaaaaack. 🙂