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This has been on my mind for some time. I miss this Blog. When I joined Scentsy 2+ years ago, I had every intention of continuing BE Blogging. Then my passion with Scentsy just took over! I am so “all in”, I found something had to give, and sadly, it was my time to Blog. I’m hoping to come back to this Blog this year, alongside my Scentsy business. I just really REALLY LOVE my Scentsy business, my Scentsy Team, and they need me to be present as we grow and Scentsify our world!

I would LOVE to share my Scentsy Story with anyone who’s interested. Just email me, post here, or visit my website.

Thank you to everyone who continues to follow this Blog, looking forward to posting more this year. ❤



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Yesterday I decided to take pics of my look in the my new BE room to see how the lighting in there was going to be for taking pictures.  I also had more fun with my Buxom Stay-There Shadows I love so much.. can’t get enough of these. 

Here’s the look I did:

  • BE Skincare Routine
  • Primetime for Face
  • Primetime for Eyes
  • Foundation in Original Golden Fair
  • Pug Buxom Stay-There Shadow all over the lid
  • Bulldog Buxom Stay-There Shadow outer 1/3 of lid and up into the crease
  • Lined upper and lower lashline w/Sapphire Buxom Inside Liner
  • Flawless Definition Mascara in Black(1 coat)
  • Flawless Definition Volumnizing Mascara in Black (2 coats)
  • Glee Radiance for Blush
  • Acalpulco Buxom Lipstick
  • Original MV to finish

Buxom Stay-There Shadows are exclusive to Sephora, retail for 17.00 and can be purchased here.

Buxom Insider Liners are also exclusive to Sephora, retail for 14.00, and can be purchased here.

Last but not least, Buxom Lipsticks.. exclusive to Sephora, retail for 18.00, and can be purchased here.

Sephora: Samantha’s Smoky Eye

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Oh man, where to even start of this one.  I love the box, even though mine arrived smooshed.  The Samantha Buxom is the perfect nude for dramatic eyes.  The Smoky Eye Stick 3-in-1 shadow is going to take some practice for me I think to master it.  I’m such a noob when it comes to these things, lol. 

This is directly from the box and I thought I’d share it for those wondering how to use the new Smoky Eye Stick:  “Gently brush the Smoky Eye brush against the eye stick tip, then sweep color back and forth on the lid near the lash line and into crease.  Line the lash line with the pointed tip (includes built in sharpener).  Soften the edges with brush to get down and smoky.”

I tried this method, and let’s just say I had some issues, lol.  It was my application skill though, not the product, where the problem lay.  I love the new eye stick, and I love that it has a built in sharpener like the Buxom Lipsticks.  Word on the street from the Philly Master Class is that this set is the first installment of an ongoing collection.  Hopefully by the time we see the second one, I’ve got a handle on how to apply it, lol.  I will say that this Buxom Brush is pretty fantastic for crease work.. it’s just the right size and texture to not only apply the color, but buff it out.

This set can be purchased exclusively from Sephora for 42.00:  Samantha’s Smoky Eye.

I did a look with this set.. although it turned out a little “extreme”.. I think I’ve been watching too much Kat Von D and LA Ink.. that post will be forthcoming, lol.

My final word on this one.. totally worth it. 

Samantha's Smoky Eye

Samantha's Smoky Eye

Armed and Gorgeous: Samantha's Story

Kit Includes: Smoky Eye Brush, Samantha Buxom, Smoky Eye Stick 3-in-1 in Smokin' Pistol, Buxom Mascara in Blackest Black

Smoky Eye Stick Built-In Sharpener

Smoky Eye Stick in Smokin' Pistol

Smoky Eye Brush

Samantha Buxom

Samantha Buxom

Samantha Buxom and Smoky Eye Stick in Smokin' Pistol Bargains

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For anyone wanting a Heavenly Face Brush for Foundation (the one Bravon loves), here’s the best bang for your buck. 

You can purchase the Moxie Kit (one of MY personal faves) for only 23.99 at  The Heavenly Face Brush alone is 30.00. 

With the Moxie Kit you also get:

  • Tropical/Pure Radiance Duo
  • Naughty, Naughty Blush (beautiful!)
  • Tinted Mineral Veil
  • Magnetize Glimmer
  • Kudos Glimmer
  • Heavenly Face Brush (with an orange handle!)
  • Heavenly Blush Brush (with an orange handle!)
  • Eye Buki Brush (with an orange handle!)

23.99 for all that is a screamin’ deal… here’s a handy dandy link 🙂 : Moxie Kit

They also have a Hydrate and Brighten Brush for the Hydrating Mineral Veil for only 9.99. 

AND.. the Crown Jewels set for only 25.99.

Crown Jewels includes:

  • Clear Radiance
  • Opal Glimmer (Bravon used this in his Anchorage MC look)
  • True Gold Glimmer
  • Onyx Liner Shadow
  • Amber Buxom
  • Double-Ended Precision Eye Brush (another Bravon must-have)
  • Angled Face Brush

The Double-Ended Precision Eye Brush alone is 28.00.. so again, you can see that this is a fabulous value for the price.  If you’re in the market for the brush, I’d recommend just getting this set. 🙂